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From Stephanie Parra (AEA lobbyist):

Today, around 4:00 pm, the House and Senate introduced budget bills to be heard in Rules committees. House Bills (HB) 2747-2756 and Senate Bills (SB) 1548-1557 will next be heard in Appropriations committees tomorrow morning (May 22). House Appropriations is scheduled for 10:00 am and Senate Appropriations for 9:00 am. This is the only opportunity the public will have to weigh in on the state budget. This budget does not restore education funding our students need, and, instead, provides nearly $400 million in new permanent tax cuts.

We expect budget negotiations to continue tomorrow as they don’t have the votes necessary to pass them on the floor. House is adjourned until Thursday at 9:00 am, which means we won’t see any final votes until Thursday. We need you in these Appropriations committee meetings tomorrow! Thank you to AEA members and #REDforED activists who have joined us in the gallery; your presence is keeping the pressure on our elected officials.

In addition, House Rules also allowed Representative Townsend to resurrect her dead bill attacking teachers’ free speech. Contact your legislators tonight to oppose HB2032 and be sure to sign into the Request to Speak (RTS) system to voice your opposition.

Check arizonaea.org/budgetwatch, as well as AEA’s Facebook and Twitter pages for updates!

The budget did drop late in the day, but there is still work to be done. Most critically, hundreds of millions of dollars are being proposed in tax cuts and transfers to the rainy day fund. While it is a good idea to build up our rainy day fund, anyone involved in education knows that is has been raining (pouring!) in our public schools for years, and we are nowhere near making things whole.

The budget should be finalized over the next few days, and we need to remind our legislators that the public is not asking for tax cuts, they are overwhelmingly asking for increased education funding, and they’re even willing to pay higher taxes to do so. We need as many people as possible to:

  • head down to the capitol after work this week to show our legislators we’re paying attention, and talk to them about your budget priorities
  • e-mail Governor Ducey and your legislators to urge them to restore education funding to pre-recession levels before considering tax cuts

Check on AEA’s Facebook page for up-to-the-minute updates on the budget process this week!

The budget is expected to drop on Monday, May 20. Word on the street is that the budget may include a permanent tax cut of $300 million. This is money that could be used to fix public school funding not just this year, but every year for decades to come.

It is critical that we have as many people there as possible each day to let our leaders know that we’re paying attention and will be holding them accountable. In particular, CEA will be there en masse after school on Wednesday, May 22. Stay tuned to AEA and CEA social media, and pack your bags for a long night. Teachers’ 5% salary increase is not guaranteed (and it still may not go to all certified employees) and the legislature appears to be prioritizing a tax break instead of funding district additional assistance (DAA) or other public school funding shortfalls. Even more outrageously, the legislature is considering allowing ESA money to go to other states, draining even more money from our public schools!

Please let us know that you’ll be heading to the Capitol on Wednesday after school … stay as long as you can, and bring dinner, blankets, children, papers to grade … whatever you have to bring so you can be a physical body on the Capitol lawn. Be sure to wear #REDforED!

Thank you to everyone who voted in our recent election for Executive Board and Site Representatives, and special thanks to our candidates for their willingness to serve CEA! The results of the election can be found on our Elections Results page. Please note that we have many sites that did not elect a site representative, and an election will be held when we return to school in July to fill these vacancies.

AEA Budget Watch with URL: arizonaea.org/budgetwatch

All signs point to the legislature considering the budget as soon as Monday. We need to make sure all of our legislators know that we are watching and will hold them accountable if they don’t keep their promises to properly fund public education!

Can you get down to the Capitol next week (wearing red, of course) to make our presence felt? Budget sessions will start around 1:30 pm, but some of them will go into the evening, when we are better able to attend. To get prepared:

Can’t make it to the Capitol? Contact Governor Ducey and contact your legislators to share your stories about the need for increased public school funding and remind them of their duty to provide excellent public schools for all Arizona students. You can also organize or participate in other activities to raise awareness, such as walk ins, stand outs, etc. For more details on how to get involved, visit AEA’s Budget Watch page.

Please join CEA and Save Our Schools AZ for a fact-based and nonpartisan presentation covering the importance of strong public schools to a strong state economy and other issues facing education. This presentation will be held at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, May 21 at Ryan Elementary School.

Chandler Education Association members who attend will be entered into a drawing to win one of three gift cards … and for every guest they bring, members will receive an additional entry in the drawing! Light refreshments will also be served. Please join us! Visit our event page to RSVP.

Arizona Capitol

The legislative session is well underway, and we’re reaching a critical point where activity will be fast and furious. We need to make our voices heard and keep the pressure on our legislators to keep moving forward toward restoring funding for education.

With all of the bills being considered, it can be tough to keep up, let alone advocate for our profession. Our Legislative Toolkit can help, giving you information on how to stay informed on what’s happening at the capitol and how you can make an impact on the process (including signing up for the Request to Speak system). Check it out today and become an education advocate!

ballot box

Our election has now concluded, and our delegates and alternates for the AEA Delegate Assembly and NEA Representative Assembly have been determined. Thank you to everyone who voted, and special thanks to our candidates who were willing to serve as delegates to these important functions! The full results of our election can be found on our election results page.