Why Should I Be a Member?

This is a question that many teachers ask of their association. It’s a hard question to answer … because there are so many reasons you should become a member of the CEA! Here are but a few of the reasons to join your local, state, and federal association. For more information, visit any of the links below, or visit the AEA website.

Local (CEA)

The Chandler Education Association has always been a key player in developing district-wide initiatives that support all teachers, including the district mentoring program. And of course, CEA will always fight for fair compensation for every teacher in the Chandler Unified School District. Here are some other ways CEA can help you be the best teacher you can be:

  • provides grants to CEA members for special classroom activities
  • places members on important district QSL (Quality through Shared Leadership) committees
  • maintains direct contact with administrators, including weekly contact with our superintendent
  • provides you with a voice for important district decisions

State (AEA)

While the local association has the most direct impact on policies implemented in Chandler, there are still numerous issues in Arizona that are handled by the Arizona Education Association. AEA is without a doubt our primary voice at the state legislature on issues such as teacher compensation, performance pay, career ladder, etc., but they also provide other key services to teachers, such as:

  • teacher resources such as the monthly AEA Advocate or AEA website
  • sponsoring local professional development opportunities, including workshops and conferences
  • job-related legal services
  • gathering local leaders from across the state to discuss issues at the Annual Delegate Assembly

National (NEA)

While AEA fights for teachers at the state level, the National Education Association is the largest professional organization for teachers in the country, and is constantly fighting for teachers and education across the United States. They are the number one advocate for education at the federal level, and lobby Congress on bills that affect education. Other benefits offered by NEA include: