Our Association Representatives (or ARs) are the lifeblood of CEA! They are also your first contact if you have questions about or need support from CEA.

If a site does not list an AR and you are a member at that site, please consider attending our AR meetings so you can keep members in the loop at your site! Contact Diane Lundahl for more information.

A CEA Executive Board liaison is also listed for each site. While your AR should be your first point of contact, your AR may occasionally reach out to your Executive Board liaison when needed … and your Executive Board liaison may reach out to you! If your site does not currently have an AR, you may also contact your Executive Board liaison directly with questions related to CEA. Our Executive Board page has more information about our Executive Board members (including email addresses).

SiteAssociation Representative(s)EXB Liaison
Andersen Elementary SchoolBarbara RichardsonErica Rutledge
Andersen Junior High SchoolUNFILLEDMargie Foster
Arizona College Prep - High SchoolBenjamin Bozovich, Jennifer HudsonBen Bozovich
Arizona College Prep - Middle SchoolUNFILLEDJen Hudson
Auxier Elementary SchoolUNFILLEDJen Hudson
Basha Elementary SchoolUNFILLEDMonika Beauvais Landi
Basha High SchoolGarald "Gary" DeGrow, Arlie Hunt, Stephanie Reiter, Cassandra "Cassie" SkufcaMargie Foster
Bogle Junior High SchoolUNFILLEDDiane Lundahl
Bologna Elementary SchoolCarly Mahlmeister, Sundra NickersonErica Rutledge
Carlson Elementary SchoolUNFILLEDMonika Beauvais Landi
Casteel High SchoolKelly PowersMargie Foster
Chandler Early CollegeUNFILLEDJen Hudson
Chandler High SchoolEmily Pullen, Lisa Schwalger, Stephanie TaranecDiane Lundahl
Chandler Learning CenterUNFILLEDBen Bozovich
Chandler Online Academy (Elementary)UNFILLEDJen Hudson
Chief Hill Learning AcademyUNFILLEDErica Rutledge
Conley Elementary SchoolUNFILLEDErica Rutledge
CTA - Freedom CampusUNFILLEDDiane Lundahl
CTA - Goodman CampusUNFILLEDBen Bozovich
CTA - Humphrey CampusUNFILLEDLaurel Miller
CTA - Independence CampusUNFILLEDMonika Beauvais Landi
CTA - Liberty CampusUNFILLEDBen Bozovich
District OfficeUNFILLEDLaurel Miller
Elite Performance AcademyUNFILLEDLaurel Miller
Frye Elementary SchoolBetsie Benjamin, Erica RutledgeErica Rutledge
Fulton Elementary SchoolMonika Beauvais Landi, Marjorie "Margie" FosterMonika Beauvais Landi
Galveston Elementary SchoolUNFILLEDErica Rutledge
Haley Elementary SchoolJean CarlsonBen Bozovich
Hamilton High SchoolDiane Lundahl, Frank Pezzorello, Angel RussoDiane Lundahl
Hancock Elementary SchoolUNFILLEDErica Rutledge
Hartford Sylvia Encinas Elementary SchoolUNFILLEDLaurel Miller
Hill Academy @iCANUNFILLEDLaurel Miller
Hull Elementary SchoolUNFILLEDBen Bozovich
Instructional Resource CenterUNFILLEDLaurel Miller
Jacobson Elementary SchoolAllison Amparano, Tricia GarnettMonika Beauvais Landi
Knox Gifted AcademyUNFILLEDLaurel Miller
Navarrete Elementary SchoolUNFILLEDLaurel Miller
Patterson Elementary SchoolKhedra JonesMonika Beauvais Landi
Payne Junior High SchoolStephanie "Stevie" LockhartBen Bozovich
Perry High SchoolUNFILLEDBen Bozovich
Rice Elementary SchoolKatie Nieder, Nasreen WahidJen Hudson
Riggs Elementary SchoolUNFILLEDJen Hudson
Ryan Elementary SchoolUNFILLEDJen Hudson
San Marcos Elementary SchoolAngie LockardDiane Lundahl
Sanborn Elementary SchoolJennifer Holden, Ashly RaymondErica Rutledge
Santan Elementary SchoolUNFILLEDMonika Beauvais Landi
Santan Junior High SchoolUNFILLEDMonika Beauvais Landi
Shumway Leadership AcademyUNFILLEDErica Rutledge
Student Services CenterUNFILLEDMargie Foster
Tarwater Elementary SchoolJanell Ochs, Joanna PlumbMonika Beauvais Landi
Weinberg Gifted AcademyUNFILLEDLaurel Miller
Willis Junior High SchoolUNFILLEDDiane Lundahl