Our Association Reps (or ARs) are the lifeblood of CEA! They are also your first contact if you have questions about or need support from CEA.

If a site does not list an AR and you are a member at that site, please consider attending our AR meetings so you can keep members in the loop at your site! Contact Heather Tawney for more information.

A CEA Executive Board liaison is also listed for each site. While your AR should be your first point of contact, your AR may occasionally reach out to your Executive Board liaison when needed … and your Executive Board liaison may reach out to you! If your site does not currently have an AR, you may also contact your Executive Board liaison directly with questions related to CEA. Our Executive Board page has more information about our Executive Board members (including email addresses).

SiteSite RepresentativesEXB Liaison
Andersen Elementary SchoolJennifer ChastainJennifer Chastain
Andersen Junior High SchoolStorm Haffey, Veronica MoralesJennifer Chastain
Arizona College Prep - Junior HighKeegan ConradJennifer Chastain
Arizona College Prep - High SchoolAnne Berger, Britni MichaelsonJennifer Chastain
Auxier Elementary SchoolNONEJennifer Chastain
Basha Elementary SchoolNONECassandra Skufca
Basha High SchoolMarisol Archie, Arlie Hunt, Sharon Metzger, Cassie SkufcaCassandra Skufca
Bogle Junior High SchoolRocky RodriguezCassandra Skufca
Bologna Elementary SchoolMonique MorenoCassandra Skufca
Carlson Elementary SchoolLinda Ferber, Ivi MontanoCassandra Skufca
Casteel High SchoolJacqui Flowers, Kelly PowersKarla Palafox
Chandler Early CollegeNONEKatie Nash
Chandler High SchoolChaylee Chan, Laura Helt, Lisa SchwalgerKatie Nash
Chandler Learning CenterNONEKatie Nash
Chandler Online AcademyNONEKatie Nash
Conley Elementary SchoolLisa BoileauKarla Palafox
CTA - Freedom CampusHayley VivianMonika Beauvais Landi
CTA - Goodman CampusNONEKatie Nash
CTA - Humphrey CampusCandace FernMonika Beauvais Landi
CTA - Independence CampusMichelle DussaultMonika Beauvais Landi
CTA - Liberty CampusCarlie Ramirez, Peggy (Margaret) RobertsonMonika Beauvais Landi
District OfficeShaun CreightonKatie Nash
Elite Performance AcademyJennifer FoxMonika Beauvais Landi
Frye Elementary SchoolNONEMonika Beauvais Landi
Fulton Elementary SchoolMonika BeauvaisMonika Beauvais Landi
Galveston Elementary SchoolSusan SkousenSusan Skousen
Haley Elementary SchoolJean CarlsonSusan Skousen
Hamilton High SchoolMelissa Lull, Diane Lundahl, Frank Pezzorello, Angel Russo, Christina VailHeather Tawney
Hancock Elementary SchoolNONESusan Skousen
Hartford Sylvia Encinas Elementary SchoolKarla Palafox, Brenda Reynoso, Eriann RobertsKatie Nash
Hill Learning AcademyNONEKatie Nash
Hull Elementary SchoolLori Barcon
ICAN(no members)Katie Nash
Instructional Resource CenterNONEKatie Nash
Jacobson Elementary SchoolKim Christ, Lori Levine
Knox Gifted AcademyNONEHeather Tawney
Navarrete Elementary SchoolLaurel Miller
Patterson Elementary SchoolNONEKarla Palafox
Payne Junior High SchoolMackenzie Baker
Tammy Emrick
Karla Palafox
Perry High SchoolShara Billings, Caroline HallSusan Skousen
Rice Elementary SchoolLaura Thrasher-Riggs, Nasreen WahidHeather Tawney
Riggs Elementary SchoolNONECassandra Skufca
Ryan Elementary SchoolHeather TawneyHeather Tawney
San Marcos Elementary SchoolJolene Gallup, Jennifer Holden, Carly MahlmeisterKatie Nash
Sanborn Elementary SchoolChristina DeHart, Janice Velez
Santan Elementary SchoolNONEHeather Tawney
Santan Junior High SchoolKyle Morris, Melinda ReynoldsHeather Tawney
Shumway Leadership AcademyCarrie Milkovich, Cathy ZinkhonKatie Nash
Tarwater Elementary SchoolGraham Dawkins, Amy Shoot
Weinberg Gifted AcademyMarisa DelciKarla Palafox
Willis Junior High SchoolJennifer RyskampSusan Skousen