Your CEA Executive Board works hard to advocate on your behalf at the local, state, and even national level. Get to know them!

Picture of Katie Nash

Katie Nash


I am honored, proud and excited to serve as your CEA President. I currently teach Biology at Chandler High School and am a mom to two amazing young women who attend public school in Chandler. I am a product of strong public schools in NY. I have been a union member since I entered teaching in 2003. I wholeheartedly believe that the strength of the union is its members. Together, we are stronger.

Heather Tawney

Vice President of
Association Representatives

I am a sixth grade teacher at Ryan Elementary. It is an honor and pleasure to serve teachers and students on the CEA board. I am excited to work with our board to advocate for the teaching profession.

Picture of Susan Skousen

Susan Skousen

Vice President of

I am delighted to serve as a Vice President for our Association. I have been teaching since 1992 and have been proud to call CUSD my home for all of those years. It is a pleasure to work with our Executive Board to serve the educators in Chandler.

Picture of Janell Ochs

Janell Ochs

Vice President of

I am excited to serve on the executive board as Vice President of Membership. I have been teaching primary grades at Shumway since I became a teacher in 2006 and have been a member since then. My belief is that CEA is a great way for teachers to be heard in the district, as well as the state. My goal is to make our voice louder as we grow our membership.

Picture of Maria Hase

Maria Hase

Vice President of
Political Action

I support our local, state, and national associations, as well as our partnership with the leaders of Valley Interfaith Project, who all seek to improve the education of Arizona’s children, who advocate on behalf of educators and students. Thank you for the opportunity to serve CEA in this role.

Picture of Jennifer Chastain

Jennifer Chastain

Recording Secretary

Picture of Shaun Creighton

Shaun Creighton

Recording Secretary

I am proud to say that I have spent my entire educational career (which started in 1996) in CUSD, and have been a member of CEA every step of the way. Whether it’s in my role as an Instructional Technology Specialist at the DO or as a leader of CEA, I love being able to work with the amazing teachers we have across the district.

Picture of Karla Palafox

Karla Palafox


I am a 6th grade teacher at Hartford Elementary, and I have been teaching for 23 years. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your treasurer, and I am looking forward to working with the Executive Board and our members to help our local association grow stronger. Together, we will continue to advocate for our students and our profession.

LeAnna Farmer

LeAnna Farmer

Past President

I loved being the CEA President for 6 years, and I am happy to still serve on our Executive Board as Past President. I have worked in CUSD since 1986 and I am grateful to be part of the best district in Arizona. I have semi-retired and will be working part time as a counselor at Sanborn Elementary.