There are many ways to get involved in CEA, because there is so much that we need to accomplish! If you do not serve on our Executive Board or as an Association Representative, we still have several committees that provide a great way for members to get involved. Please review the list below, and consider joining (or even chairing) a committee. For more information, contact the Vice President of Committees Erica Rutledge.

Elections Committee

This committee works to ensure CEA has elections which are transparent and fair for such positions as CEA Executive Board officers and CEA Association Representatives, as well as delegates for both the AEA Delegate Assembly and NEA Representative Assembly. Members: A small group of anyone interested. There will need to be a chair for this committee. Executive Board Liaison: CEA President Laurel Miller

Super Q Bargaining Committee

This is the bargaining team who meets with district leadership and ESPOC to negotiate how money is spent in the district, employee benefits, working conditions, etc. This committee analyzes the yearly survey data about salaries, benefits, and working conditions to prepare for their bargaining sessions. 6 Members Total: Appointed by the CEA President with a goal of diverse representation.
  • CEA President (1)
  • Elementary Teacher
  • High School Teacher
  • Junior High Teacher
  • Alternate (1)
Executive Board Liaison: CEA President Laurel Miller

Student Scholarship Committee

This committee creates and maintains guidelines for the scholarship process. They will meet to score and determine the recipients of these scholarships. Members: Functions best with at least six members. There will need to be a chair for this committee. To avoid conflicts of interest, relatives of members of this committee will not be eligible to apply for CEA scholarships. Executive Board Liaison: CEA Vice President of Committees Erica Rutledge