AEA Virtual Lobby Days

COVID has changed how we do many things, including advocating to our politicians. As another legislative session brings more of the harmful bills we’ve seen in previous years, it’s still critically important that we lobby on behalf of our members, even with the restrictions that COVID brings. To help our members with this task, AEA will hold two Virtual Lobby Days featuring AEA officers, lobbyist, and invited legislators. These events will provide:

  • an overview and update on key bills
  • an opportunity to learn best practices for voicing your position to legislators
  • breakouts for special topics
  • an opportunity to share your perspective directly with legislators

AEA Virtual Lobby Days will be held from 6:00-7:30pm on the following days:

If you’d like to attend on one (or both!) of the dates above, just click on the date to register.

CEA Statement – December 30, 2020

COVID numbers continue to rise in record-setting fashion in Arizona, and based on recommendations from county and state health officials, CEA is urging CUSD to:

  • make available a live video stream of the CUSD COVID task force meeting on Monday, January 4
  • convene a special session of the CUSD Governing Board immediately following this task force meeting to discuss and take potential action on recommendations of the task force
  • shift to full-time virtual instruction until the new CUSD Governing Board has had time to consider and potentially implement the recommendations of the district task force

Please read our full statement for details, including data that supports these requests.

Congratulations Member to Member Grant Recipients!

After a record number of applications, our Member to Member grant recipients have been selected. Thanks to everyone who applied and reviewed applications, and congratulations to the following grant recipients:

  • Maria Aguirre-Acedo (Chandler Online Academy)
  • Alma Alvarado (Carlson Elementary School)
  • Michelle Capriotti (Casteel High School)
  • Rebecca Coplan (Weinberg Gifted Academy)
  • Mary Davis (Sanborn Elementary School)
  • Marisa Delci (Weinberg Gifted Academy)
  • Shelley Dow (Hartford Sylvia Encinas Elementary School)
  • Megan Driving Hawk (Perry High School)
  • Donna Gustafson (Santan Junior High School)
  • Vanessa LaRue (Patterson Elementary School)
  • Katie Mercer (Ryan Elementary School)
  • Peg Newendyke (Santan Junior High School)
  • Janell Ochs (Shumway Elementary School)
  • Jenny Ryskamp (Willis Junior High School)
  • Anne Smith (Andersen Junior High School)
  • Jessica Soyland (CTA – Liberty Campus)
  • Kierstin Yamashita (Weinberg Gifted Academy)

American Education Week – Substitute Educators Day

This is the final day of American Education Week, and it’s our day to specifically honor our substitute educators. We have always appreciated our amazing substitutes, but as it has in so many ways, COVID has made it crystal clear just how important they are to our students and our schools. To all of our substitute educators who have stepped up in such challenging times … thank you!

To show just how much we appreciate our substitute educators, CEA has sent chocolates and thank you notes to each site’s substitutes. Below are some of the responses we received when we let administrative assistants know about this … they agree that our substitutes are fantastic!

American Education Week – ESP Day

Today is Education Support Professional (ESP) Day, which is a great opportunity to thank our amazing ESP staff! From bus drivers to who get thousands of students safely to and from schools, to custodians who keep our schools clean and sanitized, to technicians who help support the use of technology, to so many others in between … it has never been more obvious how important our ESP staff members are to the success of our district. To all of our fantastic ESP staff members: thank you for everything you do!