Arizona Capitol

The legislature is back in session. The 2018 election led to a much friendlier legislature when it comes to education issues, but in 2019 we saw firsthand that we still need to fight extreme legislators who would rather insult teachers than fix our broken funding system, as well as stay in close contact with those we helped elect to so they understand key issues facing our students and our profession.

We need all of that #REDforED energy back to continue the fight this year! This Legislative Toolkit will give you what you need to be an advocate for your students and your profession during the legislative session.

Stay Informed

To advocate effectively, you need to know what is happening at the capitol. This can be difficult because of the pace of the session and the flood of bills that get considered, but there are ways to stay informed without becoming overwhelmed:

Stay Engaged

Once you’re informed, it’s important to make your voice heard by our leaders. There are numerous ways you can do that:

Stay Present

Please consider signing up to attend one (or both!) of AEA’s Days at the Capitol. Dates for 2020 are yet to be determined, but there are typically two dates available during our spring break where youo can have direct conversations with your legislators and see the legislature in action (particularly the Senate Education Committee, which happens to meet on these days). There are also other days you can visit if you are available … check AEA’s website for more details.