Our election has now concluded, and our delegates and alternates for the AEA Delegate Assembly and NEA Representative Assembly have been determined as follows:

Total Votes Cast: 141 (18.29% of eligible voters)

AEA Delegate Assembly

Vote for up to 31 candidates

Shara Billings9567.4%
Jennifer Chastain7855.3%
Kim Christ8157.4%
Garald DeGrow8862.4%
Arnie Edwards7351.8%
Kristin Hagen7351.8%
Caroline Hall8459.6%
Danielle Harris7653.9%
Maria Hase8258.2%
Leslie Ireland7150.4%
Shannon Jacques7653.9%
Suzanne Kelley7049.6%
Veronica Lucero7754.6%
Elisa Magee9063.8%
Josh Martin10373.0%
Veronica Morales7956.0%
Katie Nash10070.9%
Peg Newendyke8661.0%
Karla Palafox9869.5%
Kelly Powers7855.3%
Jenny Ryskamp7251.1%
Stacey Silbert7653.9%
Pamela Simmons6948.9%
Christopher Soto8157.4%
Sharon Tuttle10675.2%
Tricia Wittbrodt7049.6%
Marisol Archie (write-in)32.1%

NEA Representative Assembly

Vote for up to 5 candidates

Michelle Capriotti7150.4%
Shaun Creighton10070.9%
Caroline Hall3021.3%
Maria Hase5035.5%
Josh Martin8459.6%
Katie Nash8459.6%
Karla Palafox6042.6%
Sharon Tuttle8459.6%
Marisol Archie (write-in)21.4%