Anyone who placed a #REDforED t-shirt order using the form on our website should have received an e-mail with pickup instructions. Remember, if you put down Shaun Creighton as the person who will pick up your shirt, you do NOT need to pick up your shirt. He will bring them to the Chandler Center for the Arts on Monday for you to pick up and wear over your school shirt to the rally if you like.

This was offered as a courtesy to save our members a trip, and the rally was chosen as a “distribution site” since everyone will be there. However, some members have asked about getting their shirts on Saturday or Sunday. Due to the high number of orders (almost 100 people put Shaun down as the pickup person for their order!) it is difficult to find a time that works for everyone, and we don’t want to make things too complicated for Jennifer Orlando, who is coordinating t-shirt orders across the valley. But after consulting with Jennifer, we think we have a solution for those who would like to pick up their shirts before Monday morning.

If members would like their shirts early, they should:

  • check the order confirmation e-mail they received from Jennifer Orlando
  • pick up their shirts between 5:00-6:45 pm on Saturday at the Mesa location listed in the e-mail (and be sure to mention that Shaun will no longer be picking up their order)

Shaun will pick up any shirts under his name that were not picked up during that window at 6:45 pm on Saturday, and bring them to the rally to pick up on Monday. He is planning on getting to the rally quite early that morning so people can show up early to get their shirts. Look for them at the CEA table inside the Chandler Center for the Arts.

If you missed the ordering window, you probably can’t get a shirt in time for the rally … but you can still get one to wear at other events like the March 28 rally at the Capitol! You can order #REDforED shirts directly from ACME Prints (these are the same shirts that were offered early) or order a different Red for Ed shirt from SOS Arizona.