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Membership Information

How Do I Become a Member?

Simple! Just download and complete the AEA Membership Form and return it (along with your dues payment or payroll deduction information) to Sara Crismon at Bologna Elementary. You can also apply online through the NEA website.

Membership Dues

All certified employees of the Chandler Public Schools may become active members of the Association upon payment of dues to the Chandler Education Association, Arizona Education Association, and National Education Association. Dues for the full membership year (September 1 through August 31) for certified staff members are as follows:

NEA Dues AEA Dues CEA Dues Total
$187.00 $355.00 $46.00 $588.00
dues may differ for part-time or prorated members ... contact your site representative for more information

Payroll deduction is back! Members may elect to have dues deducted directly over 20 paychecks ($29.40 per deduction). Dues may also be withdrawn via electronic funds transfer (EFT) at a rate of $29.40 over 20 withdrawals. Withdrawals will be made on the 15th and last day of each month, beginning September 15th and ending June 30th. Finally, members may also choose to have dues withdrawn via credit card, which will result in 10 withdrawals of $58.80 made on the 10th day of each month (beginning in September and ending in June). Membership shall be continuing unless written notification is given to the membership chair by September 1 of the current school year.

Why Should I Be a Member?

This is a question that many teachers ask of their association. It's a hard question to answer ... because there are so many reasons you should become a member of the CEA! Here are but a few of the reasons to join your local, state, and federal association. Fore information, visit any of the links below, or visit the AEA website.

Local (CEA)

The Chandler Education Association has always been a key player in developing district-wide initiatives that support all teachers, including the district mentoring program and the CEA Children's Fund. And of course, CEA will always fight for fair compensation for every teacher in the Chandler Unified School District. Here are some other ways CEA can help you be the best teacher you can be:

State (AEA)

While the local association has the most direct impact on policies implemented in Chandler, there are still numerous issues in Arizona that are handled by the Arizona Education Association. AEA is without a doubt our primary voice at the state legislature on issues such as teacher compensation, performance pay, career ladder, etc., but they also provide other key services to teachers, such as:

National (NEA)

While AEA fights for teachers at the state level, the National Education Association is the largest professional organization for teachers in the country, and is constantly fighting for teachers and education across the United States. They are the number one advocate for education at the federal level, and lobby Congress on bills that affect education. Other benefits offered by NEA include: