CEA is currently holding an election for NEA Representative Assembly. CEA has been allotted 4 delegates for the NEA RA, which will be held June 30 – July 5 in Minneapolis. CEA members can vote online using the following login information:

Username: first initial plus your full last name, including spaces or hyphens, but without commas or apostrophes (e.g., the username for Sarah Howard-Mason would be SHoward-Mason)

Password: last 4 digits of your social security number (as on file with AEA)

The candidates for this election are:

Marisol Archie
Shaun Creighton
Sara Crismon
Garald DeGrow
Candace Fern
Maria Hase
Josh Martin
Peg Newendyke
Stacy Shaw

Marisol ArchieMarisol Archie
Basha High School

I am a wife and a mother of three children who attend CTA Freedom. Being a member of the Association has been a number one priority since I got hire with the Chandler Unified School District 14 years ago. I have worked at Payne Junior High and now at Basha High and I have always been a member of the Association. I have served as the Association vice president a few times in the fourteen years that I have been in employed. I am currently one of two Association Representatives at Basha High. I am excited to throw my name in the running for the 2018 NEA Representative Assembly. I want to be able to represent you at the assembly and let others know where teachers in the Chandler Unified School District stand on the issues brought to the table. I will work hard to make sure that your voices are heard whether you are an elementary, middle, or high school teacher. With my experience in the Association as a vice-president and as an association representative, I have learned to be a better listener and I have learned that as teachers we need people who know our rights and benefits. I am committing to be that representative at the NEA Representative Assembly for you and our students. Please consider voting for me to represent you this summer in Minneapolis. Thank you.

Shaun CreightonShaun Creighton
Instructional Resource Center

I would very much like to serve as a CEA delegate to the NEA Representative Assembly because I am committed to and believe in our local, state, and national associations. I have served on the CEA Executive Board for the past 7 years, initially as Treasurer until being elected Recording Secretary in 2015. In addition to my duties as Recording Secretary, I also manage the CEA website and social media accounts. I have attended several AEA Days at the Capitol as well as the recent March to Save Our Schools, and have worked hard to help pass our CUSD bonds and overrides through neighborhood walks, volunteering at local events, and working with partner groups such as AZ Schools Now and Valley Interfaith Project. I have attended several AEA Delegate Assemblies, helped organize our recent Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate forum, and for the past two years I have been honored to serve on the AEA Government Relations and Legislative Task Force.

I have attended several NEA Representative Assemblies, and have always taken that responsibility seriously by being present and engaged during all RA sessions. At last year’s RA, at the request of AEA President Joe Thomas, I attended the Open Hearing on the Proposed Legislative Platform and reported back to Arizona delegates. If elected to attend the 2018 RA, I will continue to represent CEA and Arizona with pride and diligence. I humbly ask for your support.

Sara CrismonSara Crismon
Bologna Elementary School

Hi, My name is Sara Crismon. I am currently in my eleventh year of teaching second grade at Rudy G. Bologna. I have served on the Executive Board for Chandler Education Association for four years and was a site representative for one year prior to being on the Executive Board. I have been a member since 2011. Chandler Education Association has provided me with leadership experiences such as, speaking at a Town Hall for Superintendent of Public Instruction, participating in bargaining sessions with administration and fellow employees, educating new hires on the importance of joining CEA, and learning about education friendly politics. I am hopeful that I can experience the National Education Association’s Representative Assembly this summer to propose, debate, and take action on new business items for the Association.

Garald DeGrowGarald DeGrow
Perry High School

My name is Garald DeGrow and I am humbly requesting your consideration in nominating me to the NEA Representative Assembly. This is my 8th year teaching, my 8th year teaching in CUSD and my 8th proud year as an active CEA member. I am a member of the Super Q team and want to continue to learn the best methods of advocating for my district and co-workers to ensure we all get what we are wanting out of this profession. At previous RA’s, I have never missed a meeting, nor have I missed a floor vote. I take my responsibility seriously and it is my desire to continue to represent the wonderful people within the district and the state at the national level. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Candace FernCandace Fern
CTA – Humphrey Campus

I have been an educator for the past 20 years and have had the privilege of serving as the CEA representative at my site for the past two years. I have seen the ups and downs of education in our country and hope to be able to affect positive change in our system. I believe that people need to play an active role in order to do this. I would like to continue to make a difference in education by serving as CEA assembly delegate and representative at the state and national levels.

Maria HaseMaria Hase
Galveston Elementary School
CTA – Freedom Campus

My name is Maria Hase, and this will be my 4th year at the AEA Delegate Assembly. I have never participated in the RA, but I would love to represent CEA there. I enjoy being part of something larger than myself, and I like working as a team with all who all seek to improve the education of America’s children, who advocate on behalf of educators and students. Thank you for considering me for this opportunity.

Josh MartinRyan "Josh" Martin
CTA – Independence Campus

Happy 2018! My name is Josh Martin. I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve as a Vice President of our CEA for the last two years. I have been very impressed with, and enjoyed getting to know, the many wonderful teachers and leaders in Chandler. We do have a great organization, but there is always more we can do in order to fight for our students, the students of the district and state, as well as our careers. I hope you will allow me to represent Chandler this summer at the Representative Assembly. If you vote to send me, I will use this time to meet with other associations to share ideas and insights. I will continue to learn how to best serve our Chandler educational family. I will represent the ideals we feel are important on a national level. I am committed to being the best leader I can, and hope you will see that, and vote for me to represent you at the RA.

Peg NewendykePeg Newendyke
Santan Junior High School

Having been a longtime member of CEA, I am excited to have become more involved in the association in recent years. I am currently the Treasurer of CEA, as well as the Representative for Santan Junior High. I have attended the AEA Day at the Capitol for the past few years to meet with our state representatives, and I am doing so again this year. I have also participated in the March to Save Our Schools, attended AEA Treasurer training, and worked with CEA and Valley Interfaith Project to help coordinate the Superintendent of Public Instruction forum in January. I am attending Delegate Assembly in May as I have for the past few years, and had the honor of representing CEA at the Chandler Chamber of Commerce Chandler 100 event in the fall.

Having attended the RA in Washington DC and Boston, I would love to have the chance to represent Chandler this summer and be a productive part of the process in Minnesota. I look forward to increasing my advocacy for teachers.

Stacy ShawStacy Shaw
Bologna Elementary School

My name is Stacy Shaw and I have been a teacher at Bologna for the last 19 years. In 2015 I completed a degree in Educational Leadership to continue my career in education. I have been the CEA site rep for Bologna for the past 6 years. I am passionate about the future of Title One and English Language instruction here in Arizona and hope to learn more about opportunities for involvement at the NEA convention this summer.