Our Association Reps (or ARs) are the lifeblood of CEA! They are also your first contact if you have questions about or need support from CEA.

If a site does not list an AR and you are a member at that site, please consider attending our AR meetings so you can keep members in the loop at your site! Contact Susan Skousen for more information.

Andersen Elementary SchoolJennifer Chastain
Andersen Junior High SchoolVeronica Morales, Carol Wood
Arizona College Prep - Erie CampusAnne Berger, Britni Michaelson
Arizona College Prep - Oakland CampusNONE
Auxier Elementary SchoolKristine Carpenter, Sara Crismon
Basha Elementary SchoolChristopher Soto
Basha High SchoolMarisol Archie, Arlie Hunt, Cassie Skufca, Alex Wood
Bogle Junior High SchoolStacey Gilroy, Rocky Rodriguez
Bologna Elementary SchoolJennifer Civalier, Marisa Delci, Stacy Shaw
Carlson Elementary SchoolLinda Ferber, Ivi Montano
Casteel High SchoolChristine Diaz, Kristi Owsley, Kelly Powers
Chandler Early CollegeNONE
Chandler High SchoolKatie Nash, Lisa Schwalger
Chandler Online AcademyNONE
Conley Elementary SchoolChristina Mason
CTA - Freedom CampusVeronica Lucero
CTA - Goodman CampusTammy Wahla
CTA - Humphrey CampusCandace Fern
CTA - Independence CampusAudrey Askins, Tera St John
CTA - Liberty CampusChristina Freeman, Kristie Moreno
District OfficeNONE
Elite Performance AcademyNONE
Frye Elementary SchoolHeidi Gass
Fulton Elementary SchoolJackie Van Epps
Galveston Elementary SchoolSusan Skousen
Haley Elementary SchoolChristine Rabe
Hamilton High SchoolJennifer Hudson
Hancock Elementary SchoolNONE
Hartford Sylvia Encinas Elementary SchoolMaria Acedo, Luanne Foster, Julia Mazariegos
Hill Learning AcademyNONE
Hull Elementary SchoolKierstin Yamashita
ICAN(no members)
Instructional Resource CenterElisa Magee
Jacobson Elementary SchoolKimberly Christ, Tricia Wittbrodt
Knox Gifted AcademyCarrie Griffith
Navarrete Elementary SchoolCarole Cuccinotto, Laurel Miller
Patterson Elementary SchoolVanessa LaRue
Payne Junior High SchoolMackenzie Baker, Shannon Jacques
Perry High SchoolShara Billings, Garald DeGrow
Riggs Elementary SchoolNONE
Ryan Elementary SchoolCaroline Hall, Tracy Silva, Heather Tawney
San Marcos Elementary SchoolJolene Gallup, Carly Mahlmeister
Sanborn Elementary SchoolStephanie Canonico, Danielle Harris
Santan Elementary SchoolLisa Rittenhouse
Santan Junior High SchoolMelinda Reynolds
Shumway Leadership AcademyCarrie Milkovich, Janell Ochs
Tarwater Elementary SchoolLaura McCloud
Weinberg Elementary SchoolLaura Thrasher-Riggs
Willis Junior High SchoolJill Rumsey, Jennifer Ryskamp