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If you recall, one of the five #REDforED demands last spring was not to introduce new tax cuts until per pupil spending reaches the national average. Shockingly (or not?) JD Mesnard is now sponsoring a bill to cut taxes before addressing the continuing education funding crisis.

Arizona has the opportunity to put up to $230 million into public education funding. But rather than directing those additional revenues to better prepare for the next economic downturn or toward increased investments in our public schools, Senate Bill (SB) 1143 and House Bill (HB) 2522 will direct money toward a tax cut that will benefit the wealthiest Arizonans. It doesn’t make sense to cut taxes when we know Arizona’s students desperately need those funds.

We need to take action TODAY to convince our legislators that this is a horrible idea.

  • Contact your legislators and urge them to vote no on these bills.
  • Have a site meeting and share information about the bills. Post on social media and tag your legislators. One idea: take a picture with a sign with the number four (for the 4th AEU demand) and write what your school could do with that money.
  • Use the AZ Legislature Request to Speak system to officially register your opposition to these bills.
Arizona Capitol

It’s time again … the Arizona Legislature is back in session. We made great strides last spring and worked hard to elect pro-education candidates in the fall … but we still need to be vigilant during this session to hold our supporters accountable and prevent bad bills from being passed (including those that are intended to punish us for speaking out).

How can you help? We’ll be talking about lots of ways to help, but an easy one is to subscribe to the AEA Legislative Update. This subscription will bring you the latest news on what’s happening at the capitol (including ways you can take action) delivered to your inbox. Subscribe today, and stay tuned for more ways you can be engaged in what’s happening at the capitol.

Call Governor Ducey

Governor Ducey gave his state of the state address this evening and was predictably vague about his plans for public education funding. Besides repeating his 20 by 2020 pledge, there was nothing new offered: no talk of increased funding beyond 20 by 2020 (which still leaves our schools well short of 2008 funding levels), and no discussion of identifying a dedicated funding stream for public education.

This isn’t acceptable. Our students and our schools deserve better. Please call Governor Ducey at 602-542-4331 and tell him that we need a bipartisan solution on education funding during this legislative session. Visit this site for more details and ideas on what to say in your call.